23 October 2013

we have to do what?

I feel like just yesterday we had six months left here in Hawaii. We have just over a month left on Oahu. Whaaa? I really feel like time has sped by.

A while back, I wrote up a post for my Hawaii-must-do-list. Since the guppy has come into our lives, many of the items on the list are not permitted for women who are growing a tiny human in their bodies. Because of this, and because we have decided to try to save more money than spend, we've decided that we will just come back to Hawaii, for a vacation, in a few years, and do a bunch of the items on our list that we can't do now. (Skydiving, SCUBA, shark-diving, drinking some local mixed drinks, traveling to the neighboring islands, etc.)

Over the next three(ish) months, we have to:

1) Get husband all set to ETS from the Army. After his deployment to Afghanistan, and some serious thought, J decided to get out of the Army and go back to civilian life to work and attend school. He's definitely open to rejoining, should he want to, in a year or so. ETS-ing involves a bunch of appointments and paperwork so we can move back to Texas. It wouldn't cause much stress if we were already located on the mainland and could just drive to Texas. But, alas, there is the Pacific Ocean in the way, so we have to get it all done so we can get back.

2) Pack and move our home, car, belongings, dog, and selves. Thankfully, the Army helps us out in the regard, but we still have to prep our home for the move, get pup on a flight back to Texas, and get ourselves a flight back.

3) Find somewhere to live in Texas. One of the items that is causing the most stress. Mostly because we have to wait until we're back to Texas to look. And I'm due in January. So we have a month to find a place and move in. Not looking forward to deposits, first-months rent, etc, taking up a huge chunk of the money we've been saving.

4) Find a job for J. His contract with the Army is up the end of December. Meaning, come the New Year, no more paycheck and no more health benefits. And guppy is due in January. Thankfully we have the option to buy continued medical coverage, but it ain't cheap. Though, it's much cheaper than having a baby without insurance. The insurance plus deposits/rent will be taking up the majority of the money we have saved.

5) Give birth to guppy. Hopefully the easiest (ha) of items on the list of things that will be happening in the next 3.5 months.

This doesn't even include the months following the birth of our babe. I try not to stress about things. I know everything will work out and I'm thankful for our families and friends who I know will help us out however they can, should we need it. But, phew, it'd be a lot for us to get done if I wasn't pregnant! That just makes it more of an adventure, right?

Like I say: Life's an adventure!
I'm ready for this next adventure!

Any advice??
I'd love to hear any tips you may have for us!

21 October 2013

26 weeks

See the last update here.
How far along: 26 weeks

Total weight gain: gained 11.5lbs

Stretch marks: Still none!

Sleep: Still pretty good. I prefer sleeping on my back, with a slight elevation so I'm not flat on my back. It's most comfortable for me. I sleep a lot of the day when I'm home and relaxing.

Best moment of this week: Getting to hear how much she moves when they hooked me up to the fetal monitoring to keep track of her heart rate. I could hear her heart beat, and when she would move around, and squirm away from the monitor.

Miss anything: Being active and the foods I used to eat/make.

Movement: Still a tiny dancer. She moves a lot if I drink something cold, or after I eat.

Food cravings: Feta cheese. Yum.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nausea kicked in again this week. I think it might be from some antibiotics I got put on, so hopefully it dissipates quickly.

Labor signs: The same as before, "irritability" as they call it, but just some contracting of my uterus sporadically.

Belly button in or out: Still in, but part of it is getting pushed out.

Wedding rings on or off: Still on.

Happy or moody most of the time: Still happy =)

Looking forward to: Our next doctor appointment, on Wednesday, when we'll get to see our guppy, and I'll hopefully get the all clear to bump up my activity again.

14 October 2013

a fall weekend

Saturday we watched the TX OU game, and were very pleasantly pleased with the performance of Texas. It started our day out quite well.

I still fit into my O Who? shirt, albeit a little snugger than previous years.

We went to Aloun Farms, where I went last year while hubs was deployed, and enjoyed some string bean picking, sunflower plucking, and pumpkin choosing.

We enjoyed a nice Fall weekend!

Do you have a pumpkin patch where you live?
Have you decorated for Fall?

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